The Crew

Roly Stokes
Sydney, Australia

Roly is our official engineer and physicist. Pulling stuff apart and trying to put it back together rate highly amongst his passions. You name it, he has pulled it apart; cars, motorbikes, boats, lawnmowers, his baby cot, things that say ‘do not open or you will void your warranty’ and many a heart. Sorry girls.Putting stuff together that has never been put together before is his dream. And other stuff.

Adam Broadbent
Tamworth/Melbourne, Australia

Adam is our unofficial engineer, but is over-qualified for the role. He has ridden his motorcycle the length of the world, picking up all sorts of things; worldly knowledge, intimate bike knowledge, tropical diseases, a passion for meals with rice and beans, a love of oily hands and a beautiful Bolivian.

“I have a taste for it” says Adam, but we’re not sure what he’s talking about exactly…

Claudia Orellana
Cochabamba, Bolivia

Claudia is the spanish mouthpiece for the group. After a grueling interview process it was decided that her three post-graduate master’s degree, four fluent languages, testosterone balancing skills and inability to stop laughing and smiling with a camera under her nose gave her a slight advantage over her competitors. Although to be honest, the other option was a monkey who couldn’t hold a camera straight and didn’t even speak english, but Youngy has other talents. We would be lost without her!

“Bonjour! Como estas? tudo certo?” Keeping up!!

Andrew Young
Mackay, Australia

“Youngy” as we affectionately know him, is the personification of a cartoon character. Full of energy, always ready to help out or to tell a story and often just comical to watch, he brings plenty of enthusiasm. He also brings his skills as a commercially qualified boiler-maker, so he can weld everything up good and tight to cover up Adam and Roly’s design, ah… over-sights.

Akin to a large hobbit, Youngy has unique experience in the film industry.

While all living in Taganga on the northern coast of Colombia our four lives met at this little piece of tropical paradise.Adam Broadbent, Andrew Young, Claudia Orellana, Roly StokesThen somehow, somewhere, a dream was conceived…

Full video available for rent or purchase from Vimeo. See below trailer for options.