The MOVIE – Four Strokes Of Luck!

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No movie library would be complete without FOUR STROKES OF LUCK. The film for when adventure kicks it up a gear.


The motorcycle adventure documentary follows the history-making adventure of four brave souls who faced enormous odds in modifying their motorbikes to power a boat. If inventing a motorcycle powered boat wasn’t enough, they attempt to sail the boat 200km through the Caribbean from Colombia to Panama in far from ideal conditions.

In a race against time, three Australians and one Bolivian must invent a boat powered by motorbikes to cross a dangerous passage of sea. They plan to sail 200km through the deceptively beautiful waters of the Caribbean to the first road in Panama. It’s so ambitious; their only chance of survival is success.
At the end of the last road in Colombia, they rush to shoehorn their motorbikes into a washed-up boat before hurricane season arrives.

In Turbo, the dangerous port town, the threat of kidnap and murder by the Colombian Revolutionary Army (FARC) is frighteningly real. Working alongside locals, every day is nerve-racking.

The journey is beyond traveling. It is life and death, heaven and hell, pleasure and pain.

Fishing for food, marooned on islands and being held captive push the team to breaking point.
But then, creating history has never been easy.

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